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U.S. Postal Service employees will hold ‘Stamp Out Hunger’ food drive in DuBois



Monday May 09, 2016 – U.S. Postal Service employees in DuBois are “trying to take a bite out of hunger,” according to letter carrier Bradley Waddell.

Waddell said the DuBois branch of the National Association of Letter Carriers will hold a “Stamp Out Hunger” food drive to benefit the DuBois Ministerium Food Pantry.

According to Waddell, who is coordinating the food drive, food cards notifying people of the food drive will be distributed to everyone in the 15801 zip code by the U.S. Postal Service on May 11.

The cards, which feature “the Family Circus” comic strip characters, will be placed in people’s mailboxes.

Those participating in the food drive are asked to put the food they collect by their mailboxes, where it will be picked up May 14.

“We’re asking them when they go grocery shopping, get a few extra groceries and put out the groceries with the post card at the time they receive mail (on May 14),” he commented.

Non-perishable food items that have not gone past their expiration dates are wanted, he said.

He said it’s about the 10th year for the food drive in DuBois. Nationally, it’s the 24th year for the effort, he noted.

Waddell said participation last year was low in DuBois, and organizers are hoping to boost it this year.

“We’re looking to pack that pantry, that’s what we’re looking to do,” he commented.

The food pantry serves about 390 families and about 900 individuals in the DuBois Area School District, according to Waddell.

“Right now, their food capacity is low, they don’t have a lot on the shelf,” he said.

Waddell said the letter carriers are hoping to change that with a variety of good quality foods that will give people a balanced meal.

For more information, call the DuBois Post Office at (814) 371-5530.

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