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Trump Sweeps East Coast Primaries, Clinton Wins 4 of 5



Wednesday April 27, 2016 –¬†Donald Trump swept all five Republican primary contests held Tuesday, racking up significant wins in Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton also got close to a sweep in contests in the same states, winning in four of the five northeastern state primaries. Clinton prevailed in Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania, while NBC News projected a win for Sanders in Rhode Island.

The victories for Trump are sure to translate into bigger-than-expected delegate hauls that will move him closer to clinching his party’s nomination. Rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich had hoped to rob Trump of as many delegates as possible by notching strong performances in favorable pockets of each state, but even those small victories largely failed to materialize.

In a press conference, Trump told reporters that he does consider himself “the presumptive nominee” at this point.

Clinton also turned her attention to the general election, calling for party unity in her remarks Tuesday night even as Sanders vowed to press on with his campaign despite all-but-impossible odds of catching his rival in the delegate race.

Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and John Kasich will likely have Hump Day headaches on Wednesday as they face tough questions about the continued viability of their campaigns. Of that group, Sanders was the only one to notch a victory in the five primaries that took place Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, however, strengthened their grasps on their parties nominations with another round of commanding performances. Their victory speeches each indicated a shifting focus on a general election matchup between the two.

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