7 Break Ups That Were Devastatingly Funny


Love and relationships are not an easy thing. First comes love, then comes trouble because sometimes, you have to call it quits. And even though it is not polite to make fun of broken-hearted folks, these 7 folks who broke up on social media deserve a laugh or two … or three.

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2015 Cutest Celebrities Getting Candid


Celebrities live a very hectic life where parties, filming and recording takes most of their days. Then they have to head to the studio for a photoshoot, or give an interview right before attending a gala. By the time they get to unwind, the last thing they want to do is ‘act professional’. Here are some photos of loving celebrities ...

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7 Places To Go Online And Really Laugh Out Loud


We can all agree that our lives would be better if we laughed more often. Fewer things are as effective as stress relieving pranks, silly videos or stand-up comedy. The catch is to laugh it all off. So whenever you feel like you need a few giggles, these 7 places will put a smile on your face. Check them out.

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The 6 Best Paid Jobs in Silicon Valley


It’s a good time to be an engineer, people. With the entire world running on software and owned by major Tech giants such as Google, AOL  and Facebook, there is no better time than this to plunge into the job searching pool that tech wonderland Silicon Valley has to offer. Motivated? Wait until you see the digits on these highly ...

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6 Countries That Achieved Marriage Equality Before the US


This year, the SCOTUS ruled in favor of same-sex marriages, making them legal in all 50 states.  Despite having one of the largest LGBT communities in the world, the US came in after 21 countries had already done the same.  From Canada to Argentina, these are the 6 countries that achieved marriage equality, since 2013 to date.

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The Best Countries to be a Woman in 2015


Gender equality has been a growing issue in many countries around the world. For the last nine years, the World Economic Forum has been monitoring its progress all over the globe. Out of 142 analyzed countries, the following 10 countries stuck out. What do they all have in common? These are nations that have managed to reduce the gender gap ...

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