Fundraising War Between Pro And Anti Death Penalty Activists in Nebraska


Death penalty in Nebraska was abolished in May. Yet it seems that neither the Governor or the Pro-death penalty activists are willing to settle that easily. A fundraising race is trying to bring the penalty back throughout a statewide vote. Pro and anti penalty activists are fighting a fierce battle to either bring it back or forget about it for ...

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Zuckerberg Says Facebook’s Name Policy Works for Transgender People

It seems Facebook will continue to use its controversial real-name policy. Last week, the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg made it clear that they have no intention to change it in spite of the complaints from the transgender community. The creator of the social network publicly defended the policy by stating that “it can work for trans people”. The question is … can it ...

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The Chinese Crisis You Missed While Watching Greece


While all eyes were focusing on the economic crisis in Greece, China was having its very own financial meltdown. Over ten million investors with little to no financial experience plowed their savings into the stock market only to witness its collapse just a few months later. Chinese leaders are taking on desperate measures to restore people’s confidence and to get the market back on ...

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This Is Why Coca-Cola Removed the Labels From Their Cans in The Middle East


The most famous soda company in the world has done it again. After reaching worldwide success with their “Share a Coke” campaign, Coca Cola takes it one step further. A new advertising campaign will erase all labels from the Coca Cola cans in the Middle East. The slogan “Labels are for cans, not for people” will replace Coca Cola’s traditional logo in ...

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In Spite of Supreme Court Decision, Women Will Still Get Access to Birth Control


Women’s sexual and reproductive health have always been a hot topic of debate. Activists and women’s rights organizations all over the country fight relentlessly to ensure that reproductive healthcare medications are covered by employers and health insurance. The US Affordable Care act passed in 2012 heard women’s claims and included a provision that compelled employers to cover contraception at no ...

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UPDATE – Recently Passed Science Research Funding Bill


The House of Representatives has recently passed a funding bill to support scientific work on the field of bio-medicine. The 21st Century Cures Act (aka HR 6) will direct a significant budget to promote the work of bio-medical research agencies. Although the new measure is still pending approval from the Senate and must by reviewed by the appropriations committees, prospects for its ...

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1 Million Evacuated in China Because of Devastating Typhoon


Chan-Hom is the name of what local authorities deem as the most powerful typhoon to hit China since the beginning of Communism in the mid 1940’s. Gusts of 125 miles per hour have urged authorities to cancel flights all across the nation. Because the weather continues to deteriorate, authorities have also ordered more than 20,000 ships to remain anchored in their ...

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