5 Reasons Trump is Skyrocketing in the Polls

GOP front runner Donald Trump is bringing his message to the American people and skyrocketing in the polls. Very few took Trump serious just a few short months ago, but they are definitely taking him serious now. Recent poll numbers place him clearly ahead of his closet rival, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Why is this?

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Top Taliban Leader Confirmed Dead

High-ranking officials from the Afghan Taliban confirmed on Thursday that their leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar has died at age 54, they furthermore added the group’s top council has elected his successor, a senior figure who served as the reclusive mullah’s deputy for the past three years. Mohammad Omar was born at Nodeh, a village near Kandahar, into a family of ...

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The 5 Cities With The Biggest Gap Between The Rich and The Poor


All over the world there has always been a divide between those who earn higher incomes and those who are not so fortunate. In recent decades, the gap has grown considerably resulting in a greater concentration of wealth. To determine the segmentation of income the Gini coefficient is usually used as a measuring tool. This coefficient analyzes the distribution of wealth ...

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5 Facts About the Deal With Iran


Iran’s long sanction regime might come to an end after several years of economic downfall and political strain. Representatives of the US and the rest of the P5+1 group countries in the National Security Council are in the final rounds of the negotiation of a historic agreement with the Middle Eastern Country. Once set into motion, this treaty is expected ...

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Safety Over Selfie: Meet The 7 New Russian PSAs


It turns out the Russians took the selfie trend too far! According to a source of the Russian Interior minister, hundreds have suffered multiple injuries when taking selfies, since the beginning of 2015. Russian Police has even reported 10 casualties, all of which occurred while the victims were taking selfies. The Russian government decided it was enough, and that’s how ...

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5 LGBT Battles to Fight After Marriage Equality


After the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex couples getting the right to be married, the LGBT community celebrated equality all across the country. But this is only the beginning of a long road where gays, lesbians, bisexual, trans and others will have to struggle to get the same respect that heterosexuals of all races already enjoy. Many ...

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