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Bernie Sanders Supporters Don’t Care if Russia Hacked DNC Email

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Wednesday July 27, 2016 – PHILADELPHIA — Bernie Sanders’ most ardent supporters couldn’t care less about Vladimir Putin’s alleged role in the hack of Democratic National Committee emails that suggest the primary was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.

They’re fuming over the content of the emails, but seem unconcerned about how they were released to the public—apparently through an insidious Russian information operation to influence the American elections.

The revelations in the emails are a scandal, to be sure. But the broader scandal is that a foreign government is seeking to influence the American election—and that it’s having an effect. But Berniacs are willing to turn a blind eye to this.

“I’m really thankful to whatever the source was,” said Mike Arnold, a Bernie supporter from Atlanta wearing a shirt reading, “Hillary for Prison.”

“I don’t care if a man on the moon reported it,” Arnold continued. “I couldn’t care less. The bottom line is that [Clinton] is corrupt.”

The FBI suspects Russian government hackers were behind the breach of the DNC’s networks, as The Daily Beast reported. Allegedly, the Russians hoped that the presidential election would tilt in favor of Donald Trump, who supports cozier relations with Moscow, and has routinely heaped praise upon Putin’s strongman tactics. The emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee were later posted to WikiLeaks.

Thousands Bernie fans who were marching on the Democratic National Convention this week were nonplussed. Instead, they’re focused on the vindication they feel over how the Democratic Party’s nomination process was rigged in favor of Clinton.

Sameera Khan, a political activist and former Miss New Jersey who identifies as a Bernie surrogate, told The Daily Beast that she wasn’t fazed by the Russian-plot narrative.

“If American hacking can’t do it, and if the Russian government helped us expose fraud, so be it,” Khan said, emphasizing that she was not, however, “endorsing or condoning the actions of” Putin or the Russian government.

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